Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon rebranded as Nexus Prime?

Well, this is interesting. According to the fine folks over at Phandroid it would look like one reason for the apparent delay of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon’s airwaves has been revealed. The image you’re looking at above is from a Best Buy December catalog, and as you can read in bold print there, it’s no longer called the Galaxy Nexus at all.

No, instead it is being listed as the Samsung Nexus Prime. Now, this would seem ridiculous, if we actually hadn’t heard the Nexus Prime name being talked about in the past. In fact, we’ve seen accessories hit Verizon stores earlier that had the Nexus Prime name on them. So, whether or not the device has actually been re-branded in the last minute situation, who knows. But, if this leaked catalog is any indicator, it looks like the Verizon-branded version of the Galaxy Nexus will be known as the Nexus Prime.

via Phandroid

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