Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon reportedly in stock at one retailer by December 9

We’re still waiting, Verizon. Not that most people are distracted by the large Thanksgiving holiday that is just a few hours away (more or less), people are still waiting for something official about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Yeah, we know it’s coming to the Big Red carrier, but we still don’t have any idea when. Except that it got “delayed” until December.

Well, here’s another bit of information we can add to the growing pile. It still helps that December launch date, but it pushes the 8th into question. Or maybe it doesn’t. Based on a tweet sent out from @NegriElectronic, or Negri Electronics, it looks like the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon will be in stock by the 9th of December. Now, this is a major retailer that’s accustomed to getting phones to sell, so if they are hearing from their contacts it will be December 9th, we have no reason not to believe them.

Of course, that could very well mean that Verizon is getting ready to launch the device in stores on the 8th. Or the 9th. The 9th is a Friday, after all. We’ll just have to keep waiting, won’t we?

via @NegriElectronic; Phandroid

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