Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon reportedly launching on November 17

There have been a few dates thrown around for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Google’s and Samsung’s first high-end smartphone featuring Android 4.0, and it looks like we’ve got a brand new one to add to the pile. Of course, you may want to take this one a bit more serious than the others, as we can see this comes from an internal Verizon system. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take that grain of salt with you, though.

We’ve heard from Verizon and Samsung that the device would land “later this year,” and they’re keeping their schedule it would seem. (Not that that would be hard, hopefully.) The document you can see above is apparently getting sent out to Verizon stores everywhere next week, so it’s a good sign that it could pan out. Furthermore, it looks like promotional material for the handset will be sent out on November 15th, gearing up for the launch just two days later.

via PhoneDog; AndroidCentral

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