Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon training now underway at Verizon stores

By now, talk about the Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus is getting almost painful. We know it’s coming. Verizon has announced that the device is coming. But what we still don’t know is when it is coming. Rumors and speculation have it that the device is launching some time in the month of November, and the 21st date is still standing out among the others, but we have nothing official from any official people. However, we do have more leaks.

Not that this latest leak gets us anywhere closer to an actual launch date, it does tell us that the device has to be coming soon. Sooner rather than later, at least. The image above comes from an internal Verizon system, and it’s telling the employee that training for the Galaxy Nexus is now available. Training for the employees, so they know how the phone works, and how to sell it to customers. But, as we said above, there’s no mention of a release date or anything of the sort, so we’re still waiting.

Let’s wait together, shall we?

via PhoneDog

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