Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets volume bug fix OTA

Techies everywhere have been hearing the words “volume bug” and “Galaxy Nexus” in the same sentence for weeks now. For those that don’t know, the “volume bug” is a bug that would cause the volume on the phone to fluctuate randomly when connected to a 2G 900MHz network. Hopefully, this will be a distant memory for Nexus users young and old with the OTA firmware update that begins staggered distribution today.

Unfortunately, new units on store shelves will not be shipping with the update already applied. However, on power-up, the device will prompt new Galaxy Nexus users to update their phone which will pull the update from the cloud. With that, the volume bug is all wrapped up, right? Well, nothing’s for sure until the patch rolls out to users, but for now, it looks like Samsung is making moves in the right direction, even if it took a little time.

via SlashGear

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