Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 finds its way to the FCC gauntlet

Samsung has plenty of tablets available, but that’s not stopping the manufacturer from making even more models. With the tablet race still going strong, it isn’t that surprising that the company wants to be able to have a tablet for all desires, and the easiest way to do that is to have plenty of different sizes. At 7.7-inches, it’s definitely one of the more unique designs out there, but at this point we’re still questioning whether or not it will ever get released.

Samsung has teased the 7.7-inch Galaxy Tab before in the past, but it had seemed since then that the tablet had been set aside for other designs. If the device’s appearance within the FCC gauntlet is any indicator, especially rocking HSPA+, it would seem Samsung is indeed planning on launching it. Where, exactly, we’re not entirely sure. The model number for this particular beauty is GT-P6800. So now we’ll just have to wait for Samsung to officially announce this bad boy, which features the standard WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS goodies.

via Engadget

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