Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 3G gets root

Samsung’s steady stream of tablet offerings has made the Suwon-based phone giant a mainstay in the mobile blogging world. Luckily, the massive market presence makes progress on the device (at least with respect to the Android modding community) relatively quick. Yes boys and girls, a root for your Galaxy Tab Plus 3G has been confirmed.

For those that don’t know, rooting your Android device unlocks a slew of features that for one reason or another, manufacturers and/or carriers have locked out to the general public. The process not only unlocks features, but also improves performance, allows for the installation of apps that require superuser permissions, and allows you to alter system files. In addition, it will allow you to use many of the alternative custom ROMs to update to the latest version of Android without having to play the waiting game with your manufacturer. To all you newly-initiated Android users out there, take all this information with a grain of salt.

While the directions seem relatively simple, do not attempt this if you are uncomfortable doing techie things. While the root process will unlock many features and give you more flexibility, rooting will often void your manufacturer or carrier-provided warranty. Though there are workarounds, the squeamish should not attempt this without the presence of an Android root veteran. For those who are ready and willing, head to the source link to get detailed instructions on how to root your Galaxy Tab Plus 3G.

via XDA Developers

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