SDK for Samsung’s Galaxy Note “S Pen” released

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been quite the interesting device. Just a little too big for a phone, yet just a little too small to be a tablet. Its also been advertised as a note taker, with its special “S Pen” (basically a stylus). Samsung wants to allow the pen to be used to the best of its ability, and has released an SDK specifically for it.

Allowing developers to create apps around the stylus could be a very smart idea, as it could make it useful for a wide variety of demographics. Samsung already does include a few apps that use the stylus, but now there could be dozens more. I still doubt that many devs will jump on this, as its a niche phone for a niche market. Here’s to hoping we see some cool new stuff. Would you use the pen? Is there any app you wish was coded to use a stylus?

via Android Police

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