Sony Ericsson XPERIA handsets should start receiving Ice Cream Sandwich in March

When Sony Ericsson made their statement regarding Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates, it wasn’t all that surprising to learn that the company would be focusing on their XPERIA-branded high-end devices, but unfortunately the company didn’t provide any specific dates as to when the 4.0 update would be landing on the phones. That has changed, kind of, thanks to Maurizio De Palma and the company’s official Facebook page.

De Palma is the head of marketing at Sony Ericsson, and he had some nice things to update owners with. According to De Palma, the XPERIA handsets should start seeing their update to Android 4.0 beginning in March of next year. Now, there are some holes still left unfilled with this bit of news, like how devices in the United States will be included (if at all), or which devices will start seeing it first. That shouldn’t take too long to get answered, though.

via PhoneDog; Sony Ericsson Facebook

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