Sony Tablet P available online now

The Tablet S from Sony has been available for a little while now, and while it may not fit the bill for everyone, especially with its unique form factor, maybe Sony’s other tablet will. That’s what they are hoping, anyway, with the Tablet P. The dual-screen tablet is now available online, but you may want to take a peek at the price tag before you start leaping for that buy now button.

As for the specs, the Tablet P does have a pair of 5.5-inch touchscreens, and the same TruBlack technology used in Sony’s BRAVIA high-definition TVs are used in those displays. So, the £500, or about $774 price tag may make sense to some, while others will obviously shy away from the device. But, if you are interested, go ahead and head through the source link and look at it for yourself.

via Sony; Android Central

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