Square Enix Market on Android devices in Japan

The Android community has been blessed with several different sources for applications. Of course, the most ubiquitous is in fact, the Android Market. Then, perhaps the Amazon App Store? There are others, but for the time being let’s discuss a new entrant into the alternative market arena, Square Enix.

Come December 1st, Square Enix, the creators of the blockbuster RPG series Final Fantasy, will be releasing a Market for Android phones that features (wait for it) games. Yes, Square is delivering on its promise to bring more mobile entertainment to smartphones everywhere. Unfortunately, the market will be initially released as an exclusive to KDDI subscribers. If you don’t recognize the carrier’s name it is because it is Japanese. Other Japanese carriers will join the party soon, but no announcement on availability in the US as of yet. Though in all honesty, it shouldn’t be long before Square Enix decides it needs to make money off us Americans and then, the world! Until then, we’ll have to live vicariously through YouTube video captures of people over in Japan enjoying their FFIV.

via Engadget

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