T-Mobile and Samsung Offering $100 Mail-in-Rebate for Buying Tablet and Smartphone Together

Buying a smartphone can be pricey. Buying a tablet can be even pricier. Buying a smartphone and tablet together is downright wallet sucking. T-Mobile and Samsung want to help. Between November 30th and December 31st customers who purchase a Samsung smartphone and tablet together will receive a $100 MIR. The devices have to be purchased on the same day, and on the same account, for you to be eligible. Full details below.

  • Offer is open to Classic and Value rate plan customers
  • A two-year contract extension is required
  • Offer is open to both upgrades and new activations
  • Qualifying smartphones: Galaxy S II, Galaxy S, Exhibit II, Exhibit and Samsung Gravity Smart
  • Qualifying tablets: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and Samsung 7″
  • Customers will receive a specific $100 Samsung Bundle Rebate form before leaving the store

via TmoNews

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