US leading world in app downloads

The mobile space battle is by no means over and Android is definitely not losing by any stretch of the imagination. The growth of the platform is no doubt one of the biggest reasons why adoption of the smartphone has been so widespread globally. And really, what is the biggest difference between what we call “feature phones” these days and smartphones… The answer is of course the apps.

It should come as no surprise to the initiated smartphone fan: apps are the life blood of any smartphone and as such, we can see how effective a particular OS is by seeing its growth in terms of app downloads. It will probably come as no big surprise then that in the Android ecosystem, the number 1 consumer of apps is in the US (total downloads). Since the introduction of the Android platform, there have been something to the tune of 3.49 billion app downloads and just about half of them originated in the US.

Interestingly enough, though the US does represent the biggest chunk of the pie, it is definitely not the fastest-growing chunk by any means. Number 2 on the list is South Korea. Those that know about South Korea’s IT infrastructure will probably not be surprised by this ranking either since traditionally, adoption of new technology (gadgets and others), comes easy to the small nation. As such, though Android has not been around as long as it has been in the US, it has accrued about 603 million downloads (about 9% of total app downloads) since Android’s start on the peninsula.

Some surprising figures from the study reveal that the UK is number 1 in terms of app downloads a month and Sweden, of all countries, is home to the most app downloads made per capita. In any case, what this really means is that Android is here to stay and developers will keep developing amazing applications for everyone to take advantage of on their absolutely amazing devices. That, in turn, means more options for the consumer.

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