Verizon bumping up data plans for some customers starting November 8 [Updated]

For some of you out there, having a 4G LTE-connected device with a limited amount of data isn’t the best option out there, but you do what you have to do. If you’ve currently got one of those device, or plan on picking one up, Verizon has a bit of good news for you. The Big Red network is willing to bump up your data, with no additional charges starting on November 8th.

This is a promotional offer as much as a promotional offer can be, of course, and it will be available for only a limited amount of time. Verizon isn’t saying when it will end, though, so stay on your tip-toes. As for the details, here’s what you’re looking at: Verizon is willing to double your monthly allotment of data consumption, while not changing your monthly pricing. So, if you’ve got the 2GB for $30 per month plan, you’ll now be greeted with a 4GB for $30 per month plan. Have the 5GB for $50 per month plan? You guessed it: 10GB for $50 per month from here on out, starting on November 8th.

As we mentioned above, this bump in the data plans is only being offered to current customers with a 4G LTE-connected device on their plan. IT will also be offered to new customers that purchase one of the new 4G LTE devices being released soon. Good news then for customers who fall into those categories.


Looks like some more information has been gathered about what’s going on. So far, everything we’ve heard above is staying true, there’s just some slight additions to the original story that we felt were necessary to share. First and foremost, 4G LTE mobile Internet hotspots won’t be included in this promotional offer, so keep that in mind. As we suggested above, it’s just for smartphones. As for the length of time you’ll be able to keep the plan? Verizon says, “customers retain the pricing as long as they remain on those features.” So it looks like it’s your standard promotion: it will only be offered for a short period of time, but if you get it, you keep it — unless you change it.

via PhoneDog; VZBuzz

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