WalkSafe leads you away from traffic

The assimilation of the smartphone into our daily lives has been a relatively quick process. Most people that own a smartphone can’t imagine going back to a “feature phone” simply because of how much they have grown to rely on the phone’s functionality. They keep track of your appointments and are often the main vehicle for communication. Now, they can save your life. Literally.

Enter WalkSafe: an Android app that leverages your smartphone’s camera lens and the app’s machine-learning/image-recognition engine to detect when cars moving in your direction are fast enough to kill you. When it determines that the car can kill you (when it is travelling at 30+ mph) it will let out an alert. Hopefully with enough time for you to get out of the way. Hats off to the researchers from the University of Bologna in Italy for conceptualizing and creating this gem. They say the next step is making it more reliable. Sounds like a plan.

via The Gadget Website

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