Whisper Systems gets bought out by Twitter

The mobile security firm Whisper Systems was bought out by messaging giant Twitter recently. Whisper Systems specializes in hardening Android devices through modifying the kernel as well as creating apps for encrypted messaging, calling, and backup. Though there isn’t any official word on what Twitter will do with their new acquisition, that hasn’t stopped blogs from offering their educated guesses.

One scenario posits Twitter will integrate software from Whisper Systems into their own Android app architecture to create a more stable, more secure messaging ecosystem. Not a bad guess since security on Android OS has been receiving some bad press lately. Others say that the security firm will assist Twitter in creating a BBM-esque Twitter system for the corporate environment with more of a “group-centric” focus. In any case, increasing security on the Android platform is a definite “to do”, hats off to Twitter for their new acquisition and hopefully, we’ll see their contribution to Twitter’s growth in the near future.

via Slash Gear

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