Wireless HDMI mirroring added to Android by xBounds

Looking for a new way to wirelessly broadcast content from your Android phone to the big screen? Dream Chip Technologies is looking to fix that with its new xBound HDMI dongle. So how does it work? By attaching the dongle to your HDTV through HDMI, your Android phone can mirror what’s on screen over Wi-Fi.

While the concept is not new to Android (DNLA has been around for awhile), it is the first to support full mirroring of what’s on-screen. So for all of you that have been itching to play Angry Birds on your 50″ plasma, this could be the best option.

While all of this is a prototype, a UK-based developer has tweeted that the dev kit (with a Nexus S) will be priced at around €998 ($1334), and the consumer version is priced at a much more modest €99 (about $134).

via Engadget

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