YouTube Adds HTML5 1080p Playback, Tests New Flash Features

Most internet users are not too fond of Adobe Flash. In fact a campaign called “Occupy Flash” has started which urges users to remove Flash completely from their devices. We’re not quite that aggressive, but we like it when sites move towards HTML5. YouTube is the next site to transition more towards HTML5. The latest features added to YouTube’s HTML5 player are 1080p playback, fullscreen, closed captioning, annotations, and a new sharing menu. These features are still in testing, but you can try them out by opting in at this link.

Flash lovers fear not, YouTube has not abandoned Flash just yet. In fact they are also testing news features for Flash. New features include buffer free playback and seamless transitions between video quality. Below we’ve linked to a video that The Verge found uses these new features.

YouTube Video

via The Verge

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