YouTube and Photos updated for Google TV

For those of you out there who own a Google TV, your software updates have been a bit sparse. But, thankfully, when they do land, they’re usually featuring new and better things. This time around, with the latest update that was released for the TV platform, we’ve got two huge updates to the YouTube and Photos apps.

If you’re someone who loves to traverse the digital landscape of YouTube trying to find the latest, greatest, and most ridiculous videos in the world, then the update should help you out in that department. At least if you like to put all those videos in nice playlists for later viewing, that is. The new update adds playlists, which includes Watch Later and Favorites, along with a few more goodies. You can now upload videos to your own channel (if you’ve got one of those) right from Google TV, for instance.

And Photos has been upgraded as well. Now you’ll be able to watch a constantly changing, and animated, collage of photos you’ve uploaded to Flickr and Picasa on your screen. Once you click on one of the photos on display, you’ll be taken directly to the album in which the photo is located.

The updates are packaged in the latest software update for Google TV, which you should be prompted to download soon, if you already haven’t been.

via Google TV Blog