10 Billion App download celebration Day 2

If you were paying attention this week to Android news, you would know that the Google Market surpassed the milestone, 10 billion app downloads. You will also know that in celebration of this, Google offered some premium apps at the bargain basement price of 10 cents. Yes, a dime. Today, a new set of apps were released as sale items to replace the apps available yesterday.

The full list of apps includes Flick Golf, Reckless Racing, AirSync by doubleTwist, Read It Later Pro, Beautiful Widgets, Christmas HD, Fruit Ninja, Star Chart, and NFL Rivals. Rumor has it there may be more revealed later today. As reported on blogs all over the internet, Google had 10 days of deals lined up to celebrate the growth of the Market and the platform so there’s 8 more days of apps to look forward to. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this opportunity while you still have it.

via Android Community

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