22 SMS Trojans removed from the Market by Google

One of the growing issues on Android is the fact that it isn’t the most secure operating system in the world. Sometimes bad apps get into the Market, containing Trojans and other viruses, much like the standard PC. They appear like any other app, maybe claiming a game or wallpaper, but they’re truly programmed to place a nasty virus on your device. The virus could do a variety of things, like steal personal information or even access the Messaging app to send texts to paid services.

A series of 22 apps was found that all sent SMS to paid texting services (probably owned by the devs of the app), running up a bill on the users’ phones. Google has taken action and removed the apps, all created by a developer known as ReFraud. Google was notified by Lookout Security, who discovered the malicious apps. The devs were also banned from the Market, and hopefully won’t be seen again. Check to see if your phone has any apps by the dev, and remove them immediately if you want to avoid extra bills.

It’s always alarming to see news like this, but steps can be taken to prevent the download of apps containing viruses. First, only download from known devs. If you’ve seen an app review on a known site, then the app and its developer are probably legitimate. Also remember that just because an app is in the top downloads doesn’t mean its from a established dev. Finally, check the reviews and comments if an app looks suspicious. Someone will probably have left one telling of the virus. Do you take precautions to prevent the download of malicious apps? Are you going to start now?

via Android Community

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