Amazon Kindle Fire reportedly still experiencing WiFi issues

Amazon’s first tablet device, the Kindle Fire, managed to grab hold of plenty of people’s hearts, and even more people’s money, since its launch, but it doesn’t look like everything can stay so bright and cheery. There are many reports coming in that the Kindle Fire is seeing some major issues with WiFi, to the point where owners are flocking over to the official Kindle Fire forums to voice their dismay.

As Electronista initially pointed out, some owners of the brand new tablet device from Amazon are reporting they cannot connect to their home WiFi networks. Others, though, are saying that their tablet will indeed connect to their network, but that it won’t be able to surf the Internet at all. Users with this latter issue are pointing out that other connected devices are able to surf the ‘net, but the Kindle Fire doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.

Interestingly enough one of the forum members said they had spoken with an Amazon customer support agent, and that Amazon admitted the problem was a “known issue,” and that a fix for it would come “in a few hours.” That fix never came, though, and people are still pointing out the issue.

Are you having an issue with WiFi on your Kindle Fire? Let us know.

via CNET

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