Amazon Kindle Fire set to receive another update in less than two weeks

For those of you out there who purchased a Kindle Fire from Amazon, then you may or may not have experienced the bugs that are rumored to be fixed in the next over the air update to the device. But that’s usually how these things go, and no one will turn down a software update — especially when it’s geared to fix the device. According to Amazon, a software update to smooth over the rough edges on their first tablet device is set to launch “in less than two weeks,” which should be good news for anyone out there experiencing these hardships.

According to Amazon, the update is meant to address the glaring problems that people have been speaking up about since the tablet’s launch. Specifically, lag-filled or completely unresponsive responses to the touchscreen, and a fix to the recently used applications list. Additionally, Amazon is gearing up to fix their Silk browser, and make it faster, with this particular update. This latest update will land just a bit over a month, probably, after Amazon released their 6.2 software update for the tablet, so it looks like Amazon is keeping a trend of staying on top of any problems with the Kindle Fire, which is good news for owners.

via New York Times

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