Amazon Kindle Fire updated, breaks root again

The tablet that’s selling like hotcakes gets updated again. Of course, we’re talking about the Amazon Kindle Fire, the little $200 tablet that could. The newest update, 6.2.1, brings fixes for several issues that have been plaguing Fire owners as of late. This includes the ability to remove content from the carousel of recently used items, the ability to remove the Facebook app, set up a password for turning on WiFi, and improvements to scrolling speed.

Unfortunately, these fixes come at the cost of unrooting your device. As was the case with the last Kindle Fire update, roots have been erased and we are stuck waiting for a workaround to be posted by the many wonderful developers in our community. Hopefully, that will come soon and we’ll be able to leverage the improvements and the benefits of a rooted device, all at the same time. Here’s to hoping that the wait is short and sweet!

via Electronista

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