Amazon Kindle Fire updated to software version 6.2.1, rolling out now

If you own a Kindle Fire from Amazon, then you have probably been waiting (patiently) for an update that fixes the bugs keeping you from really, really enjoying the device. Specifically, the “lag” that some, if not most, owners experience while going through their Kindle Fire’s contents in that graphical carousel. That was probably the biggest problem with the Kindle at face value, along with a few other things, and Amazon has finally made steps to fix it.

The company has just begun the roll-out for the software update to version 6.2.1. With this update, the screen responsiveness is reportedly upgraded in a big way. Meaning, as you flick your way through the digital carousel to find that book you want to read or that movie you want to watch, you won’t be hindered by a poor experience doing so. As we’ve mentioned before, though, the update is also responsible for killing your Kindle Fire’s root, as well as killing any methods of rooting it at this point.

The biggest part of the update probably comes in the fact that you can now “lock” your account, which means that purchases won’t automatically be approved on your device.

The update is rolling out now, so your Kindle Fire should start the update on its own when the update becomes available for the device.

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