Amazon may own half the Android tablet market next year

With the Kindle Fire being a huge success, analysts are predicting that by next year Amazon could hold half of the Android tablet market share. This comes with little to no surprise, as Android tablets in general have not been the best sellers. Analyst Robert Cihra from Evercore Partners claims “Amazon’s success may just vaporize other ‘for profit’ Android tablet OEM roadmaps,”. By this he means that Amazon hits a price point that no one else has, and consumers really like it.

While this is good for Amazon, they’re going to have to continue to release tablets at competitive prices to stay in the game. With rumors of a 10.1″ Amazon tablet in the works, it seems Amazon is right on track. Other OEMs may also try to hit this price, but none seem to have the content ecosystem Amazon has right now. Amazon actually loses money on each Kindle Fire, but they make up for it in selling content on the devices. Other competitors probably couldn’t hit the price point Amazon has, and lose even more market share. Did any of you buy a Kindle Fire? Do you think it could rule the Android tablet market?

via Android and Me

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