Amazon’s Asus Transformer Prime on trucks; pre-order holders wait by their windows

Have one of those pre-orders from for the first Tegra 3 tablet to hit consumer mitts? Well it’s coming soon and by soon we mean, really soon. Looks like even though Amazon promised a shipping within 4 to 7 weeks, it looks like they’ve managed to cut that time in half. We know that Amazon is now shipping out the beautiful new device. Android Spin reported that 7 orders of the 32GB variety were shipped yesterday.

Now, most people will probably not see their shipment notifications just yet, we know that they are filling orders at a slow and steady pace, but with the shift in time table, it looks like you won’t be waiting another month before you can start playing with your new device. So, get some popcorn and water, pull that couch up to you window, and day dream of all the cool things you’ll do once your tab arrives.

via Android Spin

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