Android 2.2 (Froyo) gets approved for DoD use

The Department of Defense hasn’t exactly been a best friend to the Android operating system. Though Android made some headway earlier this year with the DoD’s selection of the Dell Streak 5 as a certified device, no word has reached us since that other devices would be approved. Well, today, we received news that the Dell Venue was approved for use on DoD projects along with Froyo (Android 2.2).

The DoD’s interminable review process notwithstanding, adoption of the Android platform is moving along nicely. Though the delays in review have left the DoD with a flavor of the OS that is literally three full versions behind, hopefully with these two full reviews under their belt, adoption will come at a faster pace. For those keeping score, so far only Android and RIM’s Blackberry OS have been approved for use by the DoD. How do you like them Apple(s)!

via Android Community

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