Android brings Google $5B; leaves Apple’s iPhone in the dust

Android is growing and we know it’s here to stay. The popular smartphone OS just posted an astounding 700,000 activations a day. For those without genius IQ’s and/or a calculator, that’s something to the tune of over 255 million handsets a year. To get an idea of what that means in relation to a big player like Apple, last fiscal year (FYE September 30, 2011) they sold over 104 million phones.

Let’s assume for a minute that we’re going to ignore the number of activations and just concentrate on users that have Android phones currently. Last year, a CBS analyst did a rough guesstimate of how much money Google generates on a user-by-user basis for the year. Came out to about $20 a year per user in ad and other revenue (figure based on 200,000 devices activated a day with a total of $1.4 billion dollars generated). So assuming that Google makes roughly $20 a year per user, even with conservative estimates on the size of the user base, we’re looking at almost $5 billion. Last year Google had $29.3 billion in revenue. In the first 9 months of this year, $27.3B. So, even with a conservative estimate, we’re looking at a final number at year’s end that will probably break $36 billion.

Even with all that money, Android is still a kingpin as far as revenue is concerned. With Android’s growth, analysts say that it may represent about 13% of Google’s total revenue in no time at all. Watch out Apple, Google’s comin’ and comin’ fast.

via CBS News

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