Android gobbles 53% of the US smartphone market

The NPD Group reported that Android smarphones are taking over the US. Well, sort of. Android OS currently resides on an estimated 53% of the smartphones sold from January through October of this year. Apple’s iOS, featured on the various iPhone iterations, came in at an anti-climactic 29% for the same period. Unfortunately, all this was bad news for RIM who came in at a paltry 11%.

Some factors with RIM’s poor performance may be attributable to market trends. One such trend is the movement to touchscreen devices that RIM never really flowed with. Though the firm does report that changes made in RIMs underlying software and hardware for the next generation of their smartphones may get them back on track.

One manufacturer that has been reaping the fruits of Android’s global success is Motorola. Before Android hit it with consumers, Moto was a brand that was flailing and continually falling behind from their industry-dominant days of the 90′s. In any case, their market share in terms of the smartphone industry has climbed as high as 16%.

In other news, Microsoft’s joint venture with Nokia is also under the microscope. No way to tell if the relatively new Windows Phone platform will revitalize Nokia’s hold on the market as Google’s Android did for Motorola; however, if the headway Windows Mobile made just 5 years ago is any indication, things look good for Nokia. That being said, the mobile space has changed significantly since then so really, it’s anyone’s guess.

via TG Daily