Android Market gets a minor yet enlightening update

For most, the Market is a daunting place. Those that have not yet been fully acquainted with the system can be easily lost. Thousands and thousands of apps to go through and yet, the choices users need to make are often limited by several factors including version fragmentation, hardware-specific compatibilities, and a plethora of other issues that can lead to an unfavorable app experience. Luckily, Google saw the plight of the community and responded with a small update.

Run over to the Android Market and for the most part, everything will look the same. Go check out some apps and do some more investigation, you will see that the reviews that are provided are now getting beefier. In addition to the user-submitted review, all entries are now tagged with the device that the app was installed on and the version of the app being reviewed. No more wondering if CoolGuy1234 gave that new Tegra2 game 1 star for not running when it when he installed it on a Motorola Droid.

via Android Police