Android phone name generator is more than just a name scrambler, it’s the future

Well, it’s something like the future. Actually, it might be more accurate to call it day dreaming. This website allows you to, at a single click, generate a name for a smartphone by scrambling up various Android phones that have been released. Now you might not be amused by 75% of what you come up with. But there are some that might make you pause and image the possibilities. Take, for example, ‘Motorola Galaxy.’ Now wouldn’t that be interesting. Or the ‘Samsung Evo Touch.’ This doesn’t just make for an interesting set of names. This would be ground breaking partnerships. Obviously this will never happen, but we can still imagine can’t we.

To generate your own smartphone name/corporate partnership go to the Phone Name Generator and simply click on the Android icon. Enjoy.

via Daring Fireball

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