Android to power multimedia experience by Wind River & Clarion

In-vehicle systems are slowly starting to gain traction in the market. Systems like Ford’s SYNC and Saab’s IQon leverage the Android OS to bring a first-in-class infotainment system to commuters. Now, it looks like other entrants will be throwing their name into the proverbial hat. Wind River, the embedded systems division of Intel, has been in talks with stereo maker Clarion. Why? No doubt that they’re working on a info-tainment solution.

The device is going to be powered by a Freescale i.MX processor (a heavy-duty ARM implementation that leverages multiple cores) and will also feature GPS, high-end multimedia, and a back-up camera. Hopefully this hits shelves soon and we’re able to test it out. Until then, we will play the waiting game as is standard operating procedure in the mobile world.

via Engadget

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