Androidland, AUS… It’s real

The world’s first Android store has landed. If this were a movie the opening credits would read: Telstra presents a Telstra production, in association with Google, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and LG: Androidland. Apple stores watch out! This may be the start of a movement.

Androidland (a bit silly, but you get used to it) is an Android-themed zone in Telstra’s flagship store at Bourke Street in Melbourne. There, 154 square feet of Android goodness in interactive demos, on-site experts, and of course devices. You want specifics you say? How about boarding an Android spaceship?! An interactive spaceship allows visitors fly around in Google Earth on a giant screen; play Angry Birds; and create an Android avatar. In any case, those lucky enough to be located over on that side of the Earth, please head over. Tell everyone else what it’s like in the comments below!


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