Apple comes out on top; HTC phones to get banned

The company self-proclaimed as being “queitly brilliant” is going to be a little quieter come the new year. The US ITC (International Trade Commission) had delivered its findings in the case of Apple v HTC. The onslaught of acronyms notwithstanding, the ITC found that HTC did indeed violate the intellectual property of Apple. Specifically, the decision hinges on HTC’s use of certain features that allow multiple applications to access contextual information in an easy format. The ITC announced that it will be banning the sale and import of HTC phones in the US in 2012.

While the ban is not set to be enforced until April 19th of 2012, that doesn’t give HTC much time to provide a workaround or a fix for all the Android 1.6 through 2.2 devices that this decision affects, which, as you can imagine, is quite a bit of devices and a large chunk of the community. For the community of users that are using one of the affected devices, the ITC has stipulated that refurbs and warranty replacements will still be imported into the country without any restriction until December 19th 2013. So any issues you may have until then, you would still be covered by the manufacturers warranty without any issues, theoretically. We will post developments as we get them.

via The Verge

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