Are You Watching This?! is an app, it’s free, and is your perfect sports companion

Ever tried to find that perfect remote control? The one you know will allow you to never get up from your couch and finally lay the groundwork for creating grooves in your sofa cushions? Well, the Market might have exactly what you need. Are You Watching This?! (Yes, that is the name of the app), is a new free app for you sports fanatics out there that lets you see a full listing of all games on any day, in any region, and at any time.

When you start up the app, you input your cable provide and location, the app will give you every bit of information you need from what channel the game is on, what the scores are, and it will even connect to your compatible DirecTV, TiVo, or Google TV device to get that game on your big screen for you. You can set alerts for things like close games, certain sports, and favorite teams. So, if you feel like now would be a good time to get fatter watching other people exert themselves, head over to the Market and download the app. It won’t cost you anything!

via The Verge

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