ASUS Eee Pad MeMo: Q1 2012

Most water cooler chatter in the tablet world revolves around the Transformer Prime. The new 10.1-inch offering from ASUS that is set to drop this month. However, ASUS has been cooking up something else just in time for the new year. In January 2012, ASUS will be providing the Android community with a 7-inch tablet option.

The MeMo went through several hardware iterations, one of which included a 3D display. Though ASUS eventually scrapped the display, the 7-inch device, the MeMo’s functionality will revolve around the MeMic Bluetooth device that ships with the tablet. Though other hardware specs are not yet announced, the 7-inch offering will definitely be a contender, especially with the peripheral which is an Android-community first.

via Android Community

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