Asus Padfone with Tegra 3 in 2012

A lot of tablets sporting the new quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 have been announced and now, the wave of smartphone announcements seem to be rolling in. One that screams excitement is of course Asus’s Padfone. The Padfone was announced at Computex 2011 in Taipai earlier this year. The 4.3-inch smartphone will also launch with a 10.1-inch touchscreen dock (staying right in-line with their transformer image) that would turn the phone into a tablet for all intents and purposes.

Now while full specs have not yet been released, we do know several things. The first, is that Asus has made it abundantly clear that this new offering will be shipping with the “latest version” of the OS. Obviously, this means that it will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich which is great news. Secondly, it is that they are going to be taking advantage of the Tegra 3 processor that they are rolling out vis-a-vis the Transformer Prime. Finally, the 10.1-inch touchscreen peripheral will sport its own battery, extending the life of the quad-core ICS smartphone.

via Tech Radar

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