ASUS Transformer Prime 64GB model delayed by Clove until Spring 2012

The first quad-core tablet offering from the Android camp is being delayed yet again. This time, UK retailer Clove has announced that those who have preordered the device will not be getting their tablets in January but in the spring. Luckily, not all news is bad news. To offset the delay, the retailer reduced the 32GB model’s bundle price (bundle includes keyboard dock) to £499 (about $775) tax-inclusive and any preorders that were taken already will reflect the new price without any action by the purchaser.

The exact date that this baby hits retail shelves has not been revealed. We know that the 32GB iteration is expected sometime in January. For now, all the 64GB preorders have all but been canceled. Consumers, however, have the choice of changing their order to a 32GB unit or cancelling their order with the retailer outright. No announcement was made as to why this flavor of the much-discussed tab was delayed, but talk around the cooler seems to point to logistical and manufacturing problems.

via Electronista

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