ASUS Transformer Prime gets hands-on preview at select GameStop stores this weekend

You can almost taste it. The launch of the ASUS Transformer Prime is right around and already the tablet world is raving about this ground-breaking device. And even though the projected release date has been pushed back a little bit, GameStop is giving us a opportunity to see this fine piece of technology at its best.

This weekend, at select GameStop retail stores, you will be able to play with and pre-order the Transformer Prime. Most likely what will be featured will be the gaming and graphics capabilities that come with the Transformer Prime’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor. So if you’re going in to test out the virtual keyboard or run your own quadrant standard test you might get some mean looks from the teenage boys lined up behind you. If you do decide to pre-order your tablet in-store (and I suggest you do it soon seeing that Amazon has over-sold and now canceling pre-orders) you will receive “a hand-picked selection of free games, including Shadowgun from MADFINGER Games, the Kongregate Arcade app and a digital issue of Game Informer magazine.” They also have Bluetooth controllers you can purchase to optimize your quad-core gaming experience.

So the question is, where are the select GameStop locations? Go here to locate the GameStop nearest to you. When you get back, let us know what your experience with the Transformer Prime was like. Have fun.

via GameStop, Android and Me

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