ASUS Transformer Prime gets hands on treatment, new official video ad and fresh release dates

It seems like, within the last 24 hours, the ASUS Transformer Prime went from only a select few reviewing it into the hands of everyone with a worthy website reviewing this tablet. And while none of the production models came with Ice Cream Sandwich, the fact that they run so smoothly can only mean that we’ve only just begun.

Yesterday, a plethora of hands on reviews of the Transformer Prime went up online. Our friends at Android Community, Android Central, and Engadget (champagne color) have posted excellent reviews. Pretty much every aspect of the Transformer Prime and the keyboard dock has been covered in these written and video reviews.

That should be enough reading and re-reading to hold you over until the actual tablet releases, which might not be for a while. ASUS has reportedly told the Verge that the US will see online availability of the Transformer Prime on December 12th with a December 19th release date for in-store purchases. However, Android and Me has been informed by ASUS that both in-store and online availability of this tablet will be set for “the week of December 19 or later.” That lines up with a rumor that we received earlier from Gamestop about a December 19 release date. Are you confused yet?

Hopefully, from what you have seen of this tablet, it will be well worth the wait. For now, enjoy this new official ad from ASUS that looks like it came out of an Ironman movie.

via Android Community, Android Central, Engadget, The Verge, Android and Me, Youtube

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