ASUS Transformer Prime production continues; Hasbro a non-issue

Asus caught some heat over their new tablet’s name, the Transformer Prime. Toy manufacturer Hasbro sued the tablet maker for infringing on its Transfomers and Optimus Prime trademarks. It was bound to happen right? Well, all the Transfomers IPs notwithstanding, Asus has decided to continue production of their new Tegra 3 tablet on schedule.

The legal issue hasn’t been all bad news. As we all know, any news is good news these days if it gets your brand and product on a lot of screens. That being said, the publicity that Asus has been able to garner due to the impending litigation is enormous. Hasbro, the license holder of properties like Transformers and Battleship, has centered the media’s the spotlight on Asus (a company that in comparison, is insignificant). In any case, the case seems to be encased in a little theatricality. Alliteration aside, if recent international decisions are a precedent, there could be plenty of pitfalls ahead for the device manufacturer. For now, they will have to get the word out and ship as many units as possible. As always, we’ll keep you informed on the impending (legal) battles.

via The Verge

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