ASUS Transformer Prime up for pre-order at Clove in the UK

For those of you waiting to get your hands on ASUS’ first quad-core tablet, the Transformer Prime, we can understand that waiting can be pretty hard. We’re still waiting with you, but at least we have some good news to share for all of you in the UK who are eagerly anticipating getting your hands on this particular tablet.

Retailer Clove has now issued a pre-order for the device. There are two versions available at the moment to pre-order: the 32GB version with the keyboard dock; and the 64GB version without the keyboard dock. Interestingly enough,both devices sell for the same price (£459), so it really just depends on whether or not you want that killer keyboard dock, too. Go ahead and head through the Clove source link below if you happen to be in that neck-of-the-woods to get your pre-order on.

via SlashGear; Clove

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