AT&T comes in last… again…

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of wireless customers and it looks like, for the second year in a row, AT&T has landed itself a last-place finish. The survey polled 66,000 Consumer Reports subscribers and found that the top finishers for 2011 included Consumer Cellular, U.S. Celluar, and Credo, all non-major carriers. In terms of the nationwide household names, Verizon earned top consumer honors followed closely by Sprint which improved its position by leaps and bounds since 2009 when they were in AT&T’s sad predicament.

This year’s survey also included an evaluation of customer satisfaction in major metropolitan areas ranking the big 4 carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon). Verizon topped most areas including San Francisco, New York, and Houston. Sprint tied Verizon in a number of areas which really shows that good leadership, a focus on customer service, and a steady influx of sound device choices has really made a difference for the Now Network.

via Wired

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