Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet software update to v1.4.1 blocks loading third-party applications

While the original NOOK Color wasn’t a tablet in every sense of the word, the device’s Android roots made it possible for folks out there to make it a plausible tablet alternative, without spending a lot of money for a tablet. Well, Barnes and Noble decided to actually make a device that acted more like a tablet right out of the box, and the NOOK Tablet has been a success for the company so far, it seems. But, a new software version update may make a few folks out there pretty upset.

For the NOOK Tablet, gaining access to third-party applications by side-loading them is a pretty nice feature. It means that owners aren’t restricted to just applications delivered to the device from Barnes and Noble’s digital store. But that’s all changing with the latest software update for the device. It’s labeled as a “minor system enhancement” and it’s v1.4.1. But, some new reports are confirming that the update completely blocks the side-loading of third-party applications on the device.

If you update your device and already have third-party applications on your tablet, they’ll still be there after the update. That’s a small victory, but it doesn’t last long. If you try to install a new third-party app, the device will inform you that only software from Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Store can be loaded. So if you have a NOOK Tablet and you update to the latest firmware, then you’ll be stuck with what Barnes and Noble wants for you, and nothing beyond that.

At least until some enterprising folks out there figure out a way around it, right?

via The Ebook Reader

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