Bell’s estimated release of Ice Cream Sandwich updates leaked

Now that Android 4.0 is the current version of Android, many users are wondering when they’ll receive the update to their now outdated phones. We’ve heard from multiple manufacturers that the update will be sent to many of the more high-end phones, but we still have no time frame of when to expect them. There is some good news for users in the North though, as a document from the carrier Bell containing estimated arrival of updates has been leaked.

Of the phones, it looks like only the highest-end ones will receive the update. Those include the HTC Sensation in February, HTC Raider in March, Samsung Galaxy S II in April, while the LG Optimus LTE is still to be determined. All of these are general time frames so nothing is certain. Also take into account that software updates have been delayed before. This is good news for users in the US as well, as we may see the same updates around the same time. Anyone excited about getting Ice Cream Sandwich? Is it too long of a wait? Let us know in the comments!

via Mobile Syrup

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