Bloomberg IP analyst predicts $10 for every Android device to go to Apple

Anyone tired of IP (Intellectual Property) discussions? We hope not because you’re about to get another dose. Apple’s been very active with regard to bringing lawsuits to bear on Android manufacturers and the OS itself. Really, they set themselves up to be the anti-Android force in the global community. Today, an interview with Bloomberg IP analyst Kevin Rivette revealed that all the open licensing and IP issues could lead to a payment to Apple receiving $10 for every handset sold.

Now, if their past history is any guide to their future actions, this will probably not happen. Still, it is an ominous future we see ahead of us. Apple’s trend in past cases has been to push for sales bans of specific manufacturer’s devices in specific geographic areas. This is most evident in their proceedings with Suwon-based Samsung. What is interesting here is Apple’s total and absolute unwillingness to compromise. Microsoft, the giant of all OS developers, reportedly earns $5 for every HTC sale. That’s a lot of Lincolns to be holding onto. In any case, maybe Apple should learn to play nice.

via Android Community


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