British Telecom sues Google over Android and other services

Earlier this morning it became known that British Telecom had taken a huge step and sued Google not only over Android, but also services such as Google+, Google Music, and other services offered up by the search giant. British Telecom is doing this based on a belief that these services infringe on six patents owned by BT. The telecom is seeking quite a bit in compensation, and are even aiming to get an injunction put against Google based on their findings.

British Telecom is seeking triple damages in their litigation, along with an injunction against Google based on what it is calling “willful and deliberate infringement.” Here is the statement from British Telecom:

“BT brings this action to recover the just compensation it is owed and to prevent Google from continuing to benefit from BT’s inventions without authorization.”

That is from the lawsuit that British Telecom filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware on the 15th of December. If you’re interested in the patents themselves, here’s what they cover:

  • a telecommunications apparatus and method
  • a service provision system for communications network
  • a navigation information system
  • a communications node for providing network based information service
  • a storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices

There’s no telling when and how this will be settled, but we will let you know where this goes.

via FOSS Patents; PhoneScoop

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