Broadcom to keep your Bluetooth device running for a decade

Bluetooth peripherals permeate the mobile industry. In just about every piece of mobile hardware, Bluetooth is now the industry standard for most of the wireless accessory market. For all the fans out there, Broadcom has announced a new technology they claim will bring a 10-year battery life in keyboards and other human-interface peripherals.

Broadcom’s low-power BCM20730 chip and firmware would make this all possible while bringing backwards compatibility to older Bluetooth-capable devices; Bluetooth 4.0 does not. Another added bonus with Broadcom’s option: no more pairing. Broadcom leverages USB HID emulation to achieve connectivity and circumvents the pairing process. No word on when this will hit the market but with the pace at which this industry changes and the reference designs already out to manufacturers, the wait will probably not be interminable.

via The Verge

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