Carrier IQ collected your texts on accident

New developments in the Carrier IQ debacle of 2011 surfaced today. Today, Carrier IQ released an official statement of sorts detailing what is logged by the software and what isn’t. Unfortunately, it looks like statements made previously that Carrier IQ did not collect SMS messages was not true… Sort of…

Basically, Carrier IQ “discovered” that their software logs SMS messages and doesn’t just listen for keystrokes as previously indicated. Though not all SMS messages are affected, the software does indeed capture messages in “unique circumstances”. This, the company promised, is a glitch in their system which will be fixed in the near future. The firm went on to reassure consumers that even though the software does log some messages (rarely), the message itself is encoded in a way that the data is not readable.

The company promises that moving forward, the issue of manufacturers not properly implementing their system will be a number one priority. Carrier IQ says that it’s “working with handset manufacturers and network operations to suggest changes to the certification process for new devices to prevent similar problems from occurring again”. What those changes are and how they will be implemented will be the next piece of the puzzle. In any case, for the concerned citizenry, past the break is a source link to the full release by Carrier IQ in PDF form.

via The Verge; Carrier IQ